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Restoring Wood Stairs

There’s nothing better than walking in and seeing a beautifully restored staircase as the main feature of your home. If you have a set of wood stairs in your home that have seen better days, we can transform them into a beautiful showpiece you’ll be proud to show off.

We have a lot of experience restoring stairs in many homes throughout Delaware and the surrounding areas.

Stair Sander

Special sander for stairs

Scraping Corners

Scraping old finish off around spindles and corners and edges of treads

Coating Stairs

Coating the stairs after sanding

What’s Involved in Restoring Stairs?

Stairs are the most labor intensive part of the refinishing process. Despite the specialty tools we use, there are many angles, corners and small pieces that need a lot of hand work to bring them back to bare wood, ready for staining and finishing.

Great care must be taken not to damage the stringers and spindles as we sand around them.

It’s an intensive process and that’s why stairs are the most expensive per square foot section of a hardwood floor restoration project.

Parts of Stairs We Don’t Restore

Many people ask if we can restore all the parts of a staircase, including handrails and spindles. Unfortunately, this is a separate specialty skill of its own. We only restore the wood treads and risers (if they are solid wood). All the other parts of a staircase would need to be done by someone that specialises in restoring these parts.

Many times, it’s faster, cheaper and better to remove them and have them dipped to bring them back to bare wood and then re-install them. If you decide to do this, let us know and we can talk about the removal and replacement with you.

You can also paint these intricate parts. It results in a nice clean look that is easy to look after long term. If you take a look at most home renovation and architect magazines you’ll see example after example of refinished wood treads with painted risers and spindles. This is the look we recommend to our clients as it will save you money and look great at the same time.

Matching the Stairs to the Floor

The treads we restore can be stained and finished with the same products we use on the rest of the floor so it all matches seamlessly. The only caveat is if you have a different type of wood for the treads, as is the case in many older homes. In this case, we will do our best to match them to the surrounding floor, but they will be impossible to match perfectly unless they are replaced. You can ask me more about this during your in-home quote.

Wood Floor
We had a great experience with them. Our refinished hardwood floors look great and everything was done on schedule. We also had stairs rebuilt and they are beautiful and much sturdier than the original ones. Would highly recommend them. Happy Client - Lewes, DE | Review on Thumbtack
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