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Hardwood Floor Repairs

Many older homes in Delaware have damaged sections that need repairing. Damage can be caused by many things – pets urinating on your floor, water stains from pot plants, missing sections of flooring from walls being moved during renovations, boards that have splintered and split from excessive wear, large gaps, burn marks from dropped cigarettes and many more reasons.

Repair to Old Floor

Repairs to areas like this are very common in older homes

Lacing In Repair

This floor is being prepared for new flooring to be ‘laced in’ to the existing hardwood floor for a seamless look

Repair Finished

Lacing in completed and all ready to be sanded. Once finished, no-one will ever know it was originally two separate rooms

Before/After Repair

Before and after lace-in project with new matching boards with the same type of wood, milling and grade.

Bad Repair

One of the most common repair mistakes we see… the wrong wood being used. You don’t want this in your home.

We Are Experts at Making Invisible Repairs

If you have one or more of these issues with your hardwood floor, rest assured we have the skills and experience to rep air them for you. You will be able to transform those ugly, damaged areas in your floor into a seamless, invisible repair that no-one will ever know existed.

We can replace any amount of damaged flooring, anywhere in your home, including smack bang in the middle of rooms, with the same type, size, grade and milling of wood so it will be close to a perfect match.

We can also lace together rooms that had no hardwood flooring previously so it will blend seamlessly into an adjoining room with existing wood floors.

Once the sanding, staining and coating processes are completed, the repaired areas will blend in to the surrounding area and look completely original.

3 Important Cautions About Repairs...

There are three points to make note of when it comes to having a professional, close-to-invisible repair…

The first and one of the biggest mistakes we see is different types of very similar wood being used. For example, if you have a white oak floor, you don’t want to use red oak for the repair – and vice versa. The difference in color and grain will make it stand out like a sore thumb and we guarantee you won’t be happy. If you’re not a professional, these two woods can be extremely hard to tell apart, which is why it’s such a common mistake.

The second mistake we see often is using the same type of wood, but a different milling. There are three common ways of cutting/milling log: plain sawn, quarter sawn and rift sawn. If you have beautiful, expensive rift sawn flooring, the last thing you want to do is repair it with more common plain sawn. The difference will be very noticeable from a mile away.

The third mistake we see people make is using the same wood, same milling but use a different grade of flooring. Common grades of flooring are: Select, No1 common and No 2 common. If you have select grade flooring, you don’t want to repair the area with No 2 common grade flooring. Again, the repair will stand out and annoy you to no end.

We have a very stringent process that ensures we match the repair with the right wood, correct milling and same grade so it truly will be as seamless and invisible as possible (taking into consideration we are dealing with a natural, variable product of nature).

Why We Insist on Seeing Your Floors in Person Before Submitting a Final Price...

We want you to be ecstatic about your finished floor. Doing repairs properly goes a long way in ensuring you will be. If you don’t have someone come out to look at your damaged areas in person before your project starts, you are taking a big chance your repairs won’t be taken as seriously as they should be.

The last thing you want is for your project to be held up as they try to source the correct wood for the repair last minute, or worse, end up with repairs that are noticeable from using the wrong product.

We promise we would never do that to you. We take a lot of pride in our repair service.

Wood Floor
I contacted Company after being unsatisfied with a prior resurfacing job. The first contractor was in a rush. Company refinished my floors again, correctly. I cannot even remember where the area needing repair was. Thanks! They look great! Happy Client - Rehoboth Beach, DE | Review on Google
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