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Repair, Installation and Hardwood Floor Refinishing Hockessin, DE

When Mark and Kirsten called us up to have a look at their floor, the photo below is what we walked into. They had removed the slate tiles that were laid on a 4-inch concrete bed above the subfloor. Not an easy job. They wanted it rebuilt and new herringbone flooring with a custom border installed to match the rest of the hardwood floors in the house...

Big Repair

First thing was to repair the broken joists. Then we installed a new subfloor. Once that was done we went and picked up the red oak herringbone flooring...

Herringbone Delivery

Below you can see the herringbone layout. We lay the 13” pieces at 45 degree angles. The layout has to be very precise otherwise the floor can get out of line very quickly...

Herringbone Install

The photo below shows the repaired subfloor, the landing tread (first step) of the stairs in the middle of a rebuild and most of the herringbone flooring installed...

Install in Entrance

Starting the work on the border. We used Santos Mahogany for the outside feature strips of the border and maple for the center...

Border Layout

Once the border is installed, the floor is filled with putty and the sanding begins...

Dustless Sanding

The funny looking attachment on the belt sander is part of our dustless system. Its a cyclone with a hepa filter. It separates the dust from the air and the dust gets sucked up into a powerful vacuum. Far, far better than sanding with a cloth bag and sending dust everywhere.

This is the entryway and stairs after the first sand...

First Cut

The risers are going to be painted white to match the rest of the staircase.

Below is the final sand with the belt sander. Then we used our TRIO multi-head sander. The end result is a beautiful flat floor with no dish-out and no sanding marks...

hardwood floor refinishing Hockessin, DE

Once the sanding is completed we were ready to stain. Usually we water-pop floors before staining them, but this project was a little different. Because we had to match the color of the existing floor in the kitchen we couldn’t do that otherwise it would have been too dark. So instead we sanded up to 120 grit and stained all the oak flooring with Jacobean stain.

The Santos Mahogany and Maple border was left natural as you can see below...

Stained and Finished

The finish we used was 2 coats of BonaSeal for the base coats and 2 coats of a very tough 2 component water-based finish called Bona Traffic. It was finished in a matte sheen to match the existing floor as close as possible.

All up, this hardwood floor repair project took 7 days. Mark and Kirsten were extremely happy with the end result. As were we. What a difference from the first photo above! Once they finish all the painting, it is going to be a very special room.

We don’t do many installs as we focus mainly on hardwood floor sanding and refinishing. But when we get to work on a custom install like this once in a while we really enjoy it.

Wood Floor
I was very pleased dealing with the owner Jim and his wife Andrea. My floors look great! The company was very clean and professional. I would definitely recommend to anyone else who is looking to have hardwood flooring. Charles Hendrickson - Avondale, PA | Review on Google
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