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Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Dust is a big issue, probably the biggest issue people have with restoring their floors. Coming home to a thick layer of dust on and in everything in your home is a daunting thought. Dust on your walls, in your curtains, throughout your cupboards, in your duct work. How does that sound?

Until recently, this was part and parcel with having your floors sanded. I’m guessing you don’t really want that hassle.

Sanding with Cloth Bags

The old school way of sanding using cloth bags. They don’t contain fine dust well and emptying them makes a huge mess.

Dustless Sanding Equipment

Our dustless hardwood floor refinishing set-up for the big sander

Small Sander Dustless Setup

Our smaller sanders are hooked up to our dustless vacuum system too

Dustless System Outside

The system can be set up inside or outside, depending on weather and available space.

Bin Full of Dust

This is the yellow container from the photo above… full after 3 hours of sanding. A LOT of dust is made in a floor restoration – dust you don’t want in your home.

Is a 100% Dustless System Really Possible?

Yes, thankfully it is. And it’s a pretty simple and highly effective system we have put together to achieve it too. In a moment, I’ll run through exactly what we do to ensure there is absolutely no dust left in the areas we have restored.

But before we get to that…

Why Is There So Much Dust?

The basic answer is that the sanding machines we use are not properly designed to contain the wood dust that is being removed.

As the floor is sanded, the dust is collected in a cloth bag tied to the belt sanding machine. This works to collect the bulk of the heavy sawdust. But unfortunately, it’s not very effective at collecting all the super fine dust that escapes. The same with the edgers, which are even less effective at keeping the dust in its small bag.

When these bags are emptied, and they need to be regularly, transferring the dust into a big plastic bag causes a huge cloud of micro dust.

Other sanding machines, like the buffer, don’t even have a collection bag. You can imagine the mess they make. This micro dust gets into the air and covers absolutely everything, resulting in the mess that so many people associate with hardwood floor restorations.

Recent Dust Containment Advancements

For many decades, there was no real answer to this dust issue. Basically, if you wanted to restore your wood floors, you put up with the dust. Yes, you could put up plastic to seal off rooms, but if you were refinishing your entire home, that didn’t help much. You could vacuum up and wipe things down, but that didn’t help if dust entered your duct system, or got into your curtains or closets full of clothing.

Thankfully in recent years there have been huge advancements made in dust containment systems. Now you can hook up specialty vacuum systems to the machines and retrofit sanding machines with dust containment skirts to contain up to 97-98% of the dust created. As they are sealed contained units, they greatly reduce airborne dust.

Our Dustless System

Over the years, as these advancements came out, we researched, experimented with and tested numerous systems. Finally, we have found a great system that is portable, quiet and extremely effective.

It has completely changed the condition we leave our clients homes in. The comparison between the old dinosaur way of using cloth bags (that many businesses still use) and our new system is like night and day. We love it and you will too.

All our machines are hooked up to this system and the vast majority (up to 98-99%) of dust created is able to be contained in it.

But even though it is state-of-the-art and highly effective, despite what anyone says… there is no dust containment system that can collect one hundred percent of the dust created. It’s impossible.

So How We Get to 100% Dustless?

This is much simpler than you would think. It doesn’t involve any other special equipment or containment systems. Instead we went old school. We have teamed up with a reputable cleaning company.

They come in at the end of the project and wipe up that last 1-2% of dust. They’ll wipe down your walls, light fixtures, windows, ledges, cupboards, pretty much everything in the room that we sanded and refinished. The end result is a spotless, dust free environment.

It’s a simple and very effective system. Between this and our dustless technology, we guarantee your home will be spick and span. There will be nothing for you to do but put your furniture back once the floors are dry.

In fact, we’re so confident about our dustless system that we offer a 100% guarantee with it to ensure you’ll be happy.

If you would like to find out more about this upgrade and our guarantee, please feel free to get in touch with us or ask about it during your in-home quote.

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Absolutely love they way my floors turned out! The color and finish is exactly what I asked for. The crew showed up every day on time and made sure the house was clean when they left. They made sure everything was exactly the way I wanted before they finished the job. Happy Client - Bethany Beach, DE | Review on Google
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