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Project: Dark Stained Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Newark, DE

This was an interesting and challenging hardwood floor refinishing project to work on. This house was built as a spec home, but the builder unfortunately passed away before he could finish it. It had been sitting empty for 3 years before we were asked to look at the floors.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Newark, DE

The wood floors were in quite bad shape. There had been no heating in the home, windows had been smashed in, allowing rain and weather to damage the floors. On top of that the condenser line from the air conditioning had ruptured and water had flooded the floor.

Because of this, the hardwood floor was very badly cupped.

Unfortunately our before photos didn’t turn out so we can’t show you the poor condition it was in. But you can see from the photo above how well it turned out after repairs were made, the heat was turned on and the floor was able to dry out and the moisture content finally levelled out to industry standards.

Sanding Around Toilet

Above shows the special sander we use to get into those very tight spaces.

Below you can see us water-popping the floor. Doing this ensures the floor will accept stain evenly, remove any remaining micro-scratches from the sandpaper and allow the stain color to be darker. This is especially important for dark colored stains...

Water Popping Floor

Because our client couldn’t decide on which color to choose, we made some extra-large samples of various colors and blends of colors for him. In the end, he decided to go with the middle one on the left in the photo below. It was a custom blend of True Black and Red Mahogany mixed at a 50/50 ratio...

Dark Stain Samples

Below you can see us starting the hardwood floor staining application...

Staining Hardwood Floor Newark, DE

And in the following photo (sorry for the bad quality), you can see the wood stairs all stained up and ready to be coated with sealer and then finish...

Dark Stained Stairs

Our work was made a lot easier with this staircase because the spindles hadn’t been installed yet. A floor guys dream :)

And here we are applying finish...

Coating Floor

And this is the final outcome below. The light from the large double windows makes it look a lot lighter than it actually is. There is also a nice subtle red tinge in certain light from the blend of Red Mahogany...

Finished Floor

The finish we used on this project was 2 coats of Bona IntenseSeal as the base coats. This is a special sealer that makes dark stained floors really pop. On top of that we used Bona Traffic which is a durable, commercial grade 2 component water-based finish. Lots of protection and durability that will make this floor look great for years to come.

We enjoyed working on this hardwood floor refinishing projectin Newark, DE . It definitely was a challenge with all the water damage and cupping, but the results and huge smile on the homeowners face was well worth it.

Wood Floor
I’ve used Jim and his crew twice in the past year. Jim’s attention to detail, suggestions on color and design, and depth of knowledge is what makes him the guy you need to hire. Hire these guys and trust them to leave you with a beautiful end product. You won’t be sorry. Jason Mandel - Wilmington, DE | Review on Angies List and Google
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