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Deep Wood Floor Cleaning & Recoats

Our Deep Clean and Recoat service is a great option if your hardwood floors are looking a little tired and worn and you want to freshen them up without going through a full sand and refinish.

Before Clean and Recoat

Before a Deep Clean and Recoat

After Clean and Recoat

After a Deep Clean and Recoat

Why it’s needed

Over time, all coatings like your car’s paint, your house’s exterior paint etc. wear away. Hardwood floor finish is the same. Dust is an abrasive and as you walk, play and live on your floors, it slowly wears the protecting finish away. This is completely normal, especially since your hardwood floors are the most used and abused part of any home.

What you don’t want though, is to wait so long that the finish wears through to the wood. Once bare wood is exposed, a recoat is not an option and you will need to do a full restoration. Every time you sand your floor, another layer of wood is removed which will bring the floor closer to the end of its life and needing replacement.

Cleaning and recoating your floor before it reaches this stage stops the deterioration, builds the finish layer back up to its initial thickness and allows the top layer of wood keep its original thickness.

By cleaning and recoating every so often, you give your floors a fresh look and help them last much longer.

Here are the 4 steps involved:

Deep Clean

Step 1: Deep cleaning auto scrubber is used with a special industrial strength cleaner

Removing Residue

Step 2: Residue being removed with another special cleaner so it’s ready for next step

Applying Bonding Agent

Step 3: Chemical bonding agent is applied

New Coat of Finish

Step 4: New coat of finish is applied

How does it work?

Our Deep Clean and Recoat service involves the following steps…

STEP 1: We use a deep cleaning auto-scrubber with a specialised aggressive cleaning solution designed to lift and remove all the ground in dirt and grime.

STEP 2: A second cleaning solution is then used to remove the reside from the first solution and neutralize your floor.

STEP 3: Then we apply a chemical bonding agent that ensures the new finish will adhere to the existing floor by building an adhesion barrier between the old and new finish.

STEP 4: Once the bonding agent is dry, we apply your new coat of finish.

*There is an option to have a second coat applied if you wish.

Is there any dust?

No. Absolutely no dust is made with this process as there is no sanding being done. You’ll have nothing to clean up after we have left, I promise.

Can you just clean my floors without recoating?

Yes. We have an option called Deep Cleaning that is only Step 1 and Step 2 from above. This is a great option if your floors have dirty traffic from kids, dogs or you live it a dusty location but don’t want, or need, another coat of finish.

Can the Deep Clean and Recoat be done on any hardwood floor?

Unfortunately, no. There’s two reasons why…

Firstly, if your finish has deteriorated so much that you can see exposed wood and deep scratches, then a full sand and refinish will need to be done. Recoating the floor won’t hide existing bare areas, scratches or deep marks. It will only result in a nice new top coat with those areas highlighted even more. I’m guessing that’s not the look you want.

Second, there are some finishes that are not compatible with this process, including floors with very heavy layers of wax or build-up of incompatible cleaning/sheen building solution. If new finish was applied over the top of such contaminants, it wouldn’t adhere properly and the coating would start to peel and flake. There’s a high failure rate with recoats (have a quick search on Google) and this is the most common reason.

How can I know if my floor qualifies?

There’s a series of tests we will perform in various locations to detect contaminates and determine if your floor qualifies for a clean and recoat. If you pass the chemical and adhesion test then you’re good to go. If not, we’ll talk about some other options with you.

How long will it take?

For an average sized home the Deep Clean and Recoat can be completed in 1 day. The finish we use will be dry enough to walk on in 2 to 3 hours. You can move back your furniture the next day.

How much does it cost?

It will be about a third the cost of a full hardwood floor restoration so it’s definitely worth looking into and asking us about before considering a full restoration.

Some things to be wary of?

Many businesses will do what is called a ‘screen and recoat’. Is sounds similar, but it’s a completely different process. Instead of using the completely dust free, deep chemical clean and bonding agent 4 Step process we do above… they use a sanding screen to abrade the floor, vacuum it and then apply a coat of finish. This is a recipe for disaster in two ways…

  • First, because it involves sanding with the worst performing sanding machine when it comes to dust control, the buffer. It will send clouds of dust through your home leaving a huge mess for you to clean up.
  • Second, the screens used in this process were not designed to clean. They were designed to abrade between finish coats. If your old finish simply gets abraded, but isn’t clean and free of waxes and contaminants, the new coat of finish won’t adhere and you will have a disaster on your hands.

If you get a quote for a ‘screen and recoat’ instead of a Deep Clean and Recoat, then make sure you fully understand the procedure they are using and understand the risks you will be taking.

Peeling Finish
Finish Failure

The above photos show finish adhesion failure because of using the inadequate ‘screen and recoat’ process. Getting a proper professional Deep Clean and Recoat will prevent this issue

Who is the Deep Clean and Recoat service perfect for?

It’s a great choice for homeowners getting their house ready to sell. You will save two thirds the cost over a full re-sand and your floors will look great to potential buyers. New homeowners that want to change the sheen of their floor, or ensure their hardwood floors are as clean and protected as possible before moving in, are a great candidate too.

And it’s perfect for people that have been in their homes for a number of years and want to revive their dull, lifeless hardwood floors and keep them protected so they last for decades without having to do a complete hardwood floor restoration.

If you’re interested in this service, request a quote and we’ll go over it with you in more detail and see if you qualify.

Wood Floor
Company was very focused on making sure I was completely satisfied. I wanted to make some changes during the process and they were very accommodating. My wood floors look like new! Happy Client - Newark, DE | Review on Home Advisor
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